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Flood Mitigation resources

Useful Links, Checklists, and Job Aides

  • "Don't Ream the Stream" (slide deck). Excellent presentation developed by the Upper Susquehanna Conservation Alliance Flood Work Group on why disconnect streams from their floodplains doesn't protect communities and how to begin to reconnect streams to floodplains to promote their functioning - View Powerpoint (.pptx)

  • This Flood Resilience Checklist from the EPA helps communities begin to answer the question "Is your Community prepared for a possible flood?" - View Checklist

  • The U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit website provides a wide variety of tools geared to help decision makers determine their vulnerability, investigate their future climate changes, and learn about what resilience strategies are being implemented across the country. - View Toolkit

  • New York State has passed the Community Risk and Resiliency Act (CRRA) which provides guidance for how governments should begin to implement climate change preparedness and resilience activities into their current decision making and planning. - View Link

  • See how the State of Vermont is increasing their preparedness.  The website includes useful tools, examples and links to other outside learning sources to help prepare for the next flood. - View Link

  • New York City has a planning initiative in effect to help communities identify zoning and land use strategies to reduce flood risks and support the City's vitality and resiliency through long-term adaptive planning. - View Link

  • FEMA website on ICC Coverage, includes links to fact sheets, brochures, and other helpful resources. - View Link