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Floodplain Insurance documents And Publications


  • Managing Floodplain Development Through the National Flood Insurance Program - View Link

  • FEMA Fact Sheet: Elevation Certificates: Who Needs Them and Why, FEMA, April 2015. Fact sheet for homeowners about elevation certificates and flood insurance - View Link
  • Floodplain Management Bulletin on the Elevation Certificate, FEMA 467-1, May 2004. Supplements the instructions included with the Elevation Certificate. - View Link 

  • Openings in Foundation Walls and Walls of Enclosures, FEMA Technical Bulletin 1, August 2008. Provides guidance on the NFIP regulations concerning requirements for openings in foundation walls and walls of enclosures, which are documented on the Elevation Certificate. - View Link

  • This checklist helps homeowners understand what must be provided to their flood insurance company or   adjuster to be eligible for up to $30,000 under the Standard Flood Insurance Policy through Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) - View Link

  • Application forms for MT-1s (Letters of Map Amendment, Letters of Map Revision based on Fill, and Conditional versus of LOMAs and LOMR-Fs) - View Link

  • Application forms for MT-2s (Letters of Map Revision and Conditional Letters of Map Revision) -View Link